Coronavirus / COVID-19 Information for New Jersey

COVID-19 Information

  • A mandatory two-week quarantine period for any patient or caregiver that has been ill, released from the hospital/rehabilitation facility or traveling.
  • Training for our caregivers to identify symptoms.
  • All caregivers must complete a screening process for themselves and the client upon arrival at the client’s home. Caregivers will report any symptoms to the office staff.
  • We put additional infection control procedures and training in place so the caregiver and client will know what to do after the symptoms are identified.
  • Providing masks, gloves and sanitizers to caregivers.
  • If a client has had a possible exposure, we stop service to that client. We then contact trace to ensure the health of all caregivers who have been in contact with the client.
  • Caregivers who have been exposed to the virus must quarantine and be tested with the test results submitted to the office. The caregiver cannot return to work until a negative test result has been submitted.
Hand sanitizing to prevent coronavirus

Using alcohol-based antiseptic gel helps prevent the spread of Covid-19.


COVID-19 Vaccine information


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