What Happens When You Hire a Home Care Agency?

Hiring a home care agency can be nerve-wracking and often comes at an unexpected time

The entire Assisting Hands Home Care team is here to help you and answer any questions you may have. We have all used home care at some point for ourselves or our loved ones, so we can provide you with real answers to your questions.


Here are the steps that we take after your initial contact with our office:

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We make getting started with home care simple as our team assists you with the entire process.

  1. Initial Assessment: Our director of nursing and/or owner will visit each client at their place of residence to evaluate condition, listen to concerns, discuss options and begin to develop a Plan of Care.
  2. Benefit Determination: We help identify any programs, community resources, or benefits that might be available for our clients such as Medicare/Medicaid Services, private health insurance, long-term care insurance, VA Aid and Attendance program.
  3. Plan of Care: We incorporate all physicians’ orders and recommendations from case managers, social workers, healthcare providers with the initial assessment performed by our director of nursing to develop a comprehensive Plan of Care. This care plan will describe all the services required, the proposed frequency, cost of each service, potential equipment and supplies needed, and possible payment sources.
  • This process could start before the client is discharged from the hospital, rehab, or another healthcare facility.
  • We will work with the attending physician, discharge planner, family and client to determine the proper Plan of Care and agree on the specific goals to maximize the healing process.

We also assist in coordinating and referring other services or items needed such as:


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