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Home Care or Assisted Living Facility?

When selecting a home in care versus care in a nursing facility always explore the capacities of a well-named home Health Agency.

The benefits of care in Home or alternatives in an Assisting Living Facility are well documented and families can make their decisions based on their own case, but what is important to address is that managing pain, medications reminders and some other needs should not be the strong argument to move a patient away from home.

Why thinking about to move to an Assisted Living Facility.

Did you know that many seniors who move to a nursing home do so because they have problems managing their medications? Vision problems, memory loss and arthritis might make it hard to read pill bottle labels, remember to take a dose, and even to open the container.


These seniors can stay home longer with the help of professional home care. Skilled nursing services can be provided in a senior’s own home, and that can include help in administering and managing medications.

Nonmedical home care also can help, at a lower cost. As part of a suite of services that might include assistance with bathing, dressing, meal preparation and light housekeeping, the caregiver can also provide medication reminders, and drive the client to the pharmacy or pick up prescriptions. Caregivers also are often the first one to notice if a senior client is suffering from side effects such as dizziness, depression or sleep disturbances. Some side effects even mimic the symptoms of dementia!


Having a trained caregiver on the scene not only protects the health and well-being of seniors— but it also provides invaluable peace of mind for the family.

Medication Management Is a Challenge for Many Seniors

At Assisting Hands we take the medication reminders very serious. That is why we are providing a tool called VMR, (Virtual Medication Reminder) including on our service that reminds Caregivers and patients about when and how to take a medication. In fact, the tool can be configured to remind any activity as a relaxation activity, deep breathing, time to stand up and take a walk and some other included in the plan of care.


When selecting a home in care versus care in a nursing facility always explore the capacities of a well-named home Health Agency. A well-trained caregiver can be an incredible support and receiving care at home will avoid the unnecessary stress that moving to an ALF carry to seniors and their families.

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