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Best activities for seniors to do in Houston TX

Our Home Health Care Service Providers Recommend These Activities For A Senior


Seniors require activities that will keep them busy and also help to maintain their health. It is very harmful for seniors to live a sedentary life. With such a life they are prone to obesity, joint problems, spine problems, back pains, neck pains, general body weakness, loss of balance, poor coordination, poor brain functioning and so many other health problems. It is therefore essential for seniors to be engaged in activities that will keep them busy and entertained. There are many activities for seniors some of which are very simple and therefore can be done by seniors that have mobility problems. Here are some of the activities that seniors can engage in Houston TX.


Dancing – seniors can stay active and healthy by dancing. They can take dancing classes or can join dancing clubs from where they can engage in fun dancing activities and lessons like Zumba. Seniors also love to participate in old folk dances that they were accustomed to when they were growing up. This also gives them a chance to socialize and make new friends.


Games – games are another great pass time for seniors. There are many board games like chess and scrabble that seniors can learn and play with their friends. There are also other games like bingo that are ideal for seniors because little skill is required and they are highly fun. It is best that seniors join clubs for the games they are interested in so that they can be able to socialize with other seniors and even younger people.


Quilting and scrapbooking – this is another great activity that seniors can participate in. quilting involves sewing pieces of fabric together to come up with the desired design of fabric that is denser. Scrapbooking is another great way of keeping seniors engaged. They will enjoy making the scrapbook and seeing all the memories they have with their family members.


Joining church senior groups – most of the churches in Houston have groups for seniors. The seniors in these groups will have activities that will keep them engaged and enhance their religious life. In such groups, the seniors usually meet for singing sessions, dancing, volunteering work, luncheons, retreats and so many other such activities.


Senior fitness activities – there are many fitness activities available all over Houston that are designed for seniors. These activities are meticulously chosen to enhance the health of the seniors while keeping them safe through the sessions. Such activities include yoga, dancing, aerobics and many more.


Photography and painting – these are other very engaging and enjoyable activities for seniors especially those who have a liking for art. They can engage in photography which will require them to walk around and be creative. The painting also requires the senior to be creative and engage in the physical act of creating the painting.

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