As your parents or other family members get older, you might wonder if they are safe at home caring for themselves. The aging process can pose difficulties in chores and personal care even for healthy older adults, so it may be time to start thinking about in-home care as an option for your loved ones living at home. Professional care for your loved one can be a great relief for family caregivers, or it may be a necessity to keep your parents safe and give you peace of mind. Read on for some key steps in planning care for any loved one.

Make it a team effort

It’s important to remember that in-home care is a family decision and that your elderly relatives might have their own concerns that should be addressed in discussions about professional care. If you are all living in different places, you might use email or video chats to collaborate on this decision so that no one is left out.

Assess your loved one’s needs

The goal of in-home care is to offer just as much assistance as an individual needs so they may hold onto their independence and stay in charge of more daily decisions. Before you make any big decisions about home care, you’ll want to schedule a detailed in-home consultation and set clear goals with realistic expectations.

Start planning early

The stress of finding the right caregiver and services for your loved ones may be high if you wait until an accident like mom falling down the stairs or dad throwing out his back occurs at home. In-home care can help prevent these accidents and provide your loved one with companionship that helps maintain a higher quality of life. You shouldn’t feel like it’s too early to start the conversation about in-home care.
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