5 Marketing Tips To Take Home Care Business To The Next Level

Running a home care business may not be as easy as you think. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make it simpler. Besides providing care to clients, another important aspect of running a franchise is to market the services. But many times maintaining the daily ins and outs and handling unforeseen issues – like caregivers not showing up to work – keep you from promoting your business.To help make it easier, we have shared some tips on how to promote and market your home care assistance franchise.

Understand the importance of social media presence

The best senior home care franchise leaves no stone unturned to maintain a strong social media presence. From Instagram and Twitter to Google+ and LinkedIn – multiple online platforms allow you to promote your business and connect with more people. It’s crucial to let people know about your presence and give them opportunities to get in touch whenever they would need your services.

Don’t forget the power of SEO

Search Engine Optimization, SEO for short, is an important piece of any marketing strategy. When the plan is to enhance your presence to reach more people online, do not miss the chance to explore SEO. Besides giving an ultimate appeal to popular search engines like Bing and Google, SEO smoothly drives qualified traffic to the landing page of your website. As search engine algorithms keep on updating, make sure to maintain an equal pace, if you want to establish your presence in the home care industry.

Spread the word with printed goodies

Though online marketing is crucial, none of the marketing strategies compare to the potential of traditional advertising methods. Whether your home care business is already a strong brand or not, you should market your agency with professional marketing collateral especially brochures. Promotional products, like pens, mugs, and notebooks can spread the name of your brand, but they cannot bring the value that a brochure can. The essential information about your services, your contact information, and your business’s mission statement are all found in the brochure which can very affordable to circulate.

Participate in community events

Being an owner of a home care franchise, you must connect with communities, and ultimately, with people. Your business is all about making a big difference in people’s lives who need assistance. For this reason, you need to participate in events and activities to spread awareness about your brand and establish a trusting relationship with communities. Connect with small business owners and meet people in your neighborhood to network with different organizations and generate warm leads.

Professional referrals are the key

When your brand mission is to serve more people, it’s important to grow your professional network. For this, visit nearby hospitals and clinics to sell your services to healthcare professionals. Let them know how your services could support the discharge planner, prevent hospital readmission, or help senior citizens with faster recovery.

Being in the home care industry means making a difference in people’s lives and creating a positive impact on communities.

If you want to start a home care assistance franchise and provide a needed service to your community, get in touch with Assisting Hands today.


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