Christmas Song Trivia

Are you in tune with the classics? Everyone has heard the classics and have been singing the familiar rhymes since childhood, but does that mean you are ready to master some Christmas song trivia? This Christmas, test your friends and your family’s knowledge on origins of your favorite Christmas carols, and the often-misspoken lyrics of some beloved holiday favorites with the heavy hitting trivia questions.

Whether you are hosting a holiday party or gathered around the dinner table or in-front of the fire with family, pulling out some Christmas trivia is always fun. Christmas songs are such a traditional part of everyone’s holiday so why not see what everyone knows.

Christmas Carol Trivia from the Classics to Today’s Hits

  1. Which modern Christmas carol has its foundations in a reimagining of a popular wedding composition?

(Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s 1998 song “Christmas Cannon”)

  1. The apocryphal Christmas carol “The Little Drummer Boy” was originally given what title?

(Carol of the Drum)

  1. What German title do many people know the song “Oh Christmas Tree” by?

(O Tannenbaum)

  1. What are the lyrics that are sung in “Angels We Have Heard on High’s” haunting choral melody?

(Gloria in Excelsis Deo)

  1. What year was the first Christmas-themed song to mention St. Nick and his story released?

(1864, “Up on the Housetop”)

  1. Which song holds the Guinness World Record for being the first song played in space?

(Jingle Bells)

  1. What lyric in “Frosty the Snowman” was changed when it was used in the classic animated special in 1969 to make it more connected to Christmas?

(The lyric “I’ll be back again someday” was changed to “I’ll be back on Christmas Day”)

  1. Which band’s song “Last Christmas” inspired the plot of a 2019 romantic Christmas Movie?


  1. Mariah Carey holds the record for being the first artist with a no. 1 single in four decades for which song?

(All I want for Christmas is You”

  1. The 1944 film Meet Me in St. Louis introduced which famous Christmas song to audiences around the world?

(“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”)

Whether you get to carol your way down into the winner’s circle or you learned something new, it’s undeniable that playing Christmas Trivia can really put you in the holiday mood. Break out these Christmas music trivia questions and cozy up with family and friends and see who knows what! You can even try to come up with some festive questions of your own.

Written by: Lauren Foster


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