Lane Kofoed

Lane Kofoed

Lane Kofoed is President and CEO of Assisting Hands Home Care and leads the executive team with a diverse background, including public accounting, financial auditing, systems integration and management consulting for Price Waterhouse and other consulting firms. Kofoed previously held the position of Chief Operating Officer at Assisting Hands, working closely with the management team in sales, marketing, operations, training and support. Before joining Assisting Hands in June 2009, Kofoed owned several profitable small businesses in his native city Boise, Idaho.

Kofoed holds a Masters degree in Business and Accounting from Brigham Young University. He is the glue to the organization, shepherding and facilitating new and exciting programs that help Assisting Hands Home Care owners to be more efficient in their franchise operations while overseeing the national growth and success of the Assisting Hands Home Care family of franchises.

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