Spirit-Lifting Activities for Senior Holiday Cheer

It’s not uncommon for the elderly to become depressed and lonely during holidays, especially since many states are more cloudy than sunny during this time of year. When those who can no longer be as independent as they once were, remembering all the holidays they actively participated in can lead to inner sadness. So, a good suggestion is to help the seniors be as involved in the spirit of the holiday as possible.

Since one of the things that make holidays so special are the memories they create, a good way to help continue creating memories is to have some fun activities. Here are some ideas that seniors can enjoy with their loved ones or formal caregiver while providing quality time together.

Spirit Lifting Activities

  1. Make and decorate a holiday wreath
  2. Decorate stockings and then fill them up with healthy & yummy treats
  3. Make crafts that use aromatics with oranges and cloves such as pomander balls
  4. Sing their favorite holiday songs together and record them on a cell phone for playback memories
  5. Watch a holiday movie together while enjoying fun snacks in a comfy setup
  6. Bake and decorate holiday cookies together
  7. Help shop for holiday gifts online
  8. Stroll through the mall to see all the holiday decorations.
  9. Drive through the neighborhood, park, or town to see the colorful and lifting holiday displays
  10. Go to a movie, and be sure to include popcorn!
  11. Check out local schools or community centers that may be putting on a play or musical

This list is only a few ideas of what a family, friend, or caregiver can do to help the aging loved one feel like more of a participant in the holiday.



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