Staying Smart, Staying Safe: On-Site Wellness and Temperature Screenings for Gatherings & Events Provided by Assisting Hands® Home Care

The world has changed in the past seven months, and the in-person events and gatherings we had been used to have been either cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic. With the gradual reopening of workplaces and schools, and the autumn/winter holidays upon us, states and communities are finding new ways forward.

As we look towards celebrating holidays and milestones, gathering with friends and loved ones, its important to be mindful that extra precaution must be taken when reintroducing events and gatherings. This includes measures such as social distancing of seating areas and tables, providing and using proper PPE, specific sanitizing measures, signage indicating specific traffic flow and direction, limits on capacity, educating guests on safety measures such as proper hand-washing, adjusting service procedures and more.

Many organizations and companies have begun a gradual return to the workplace, or staggered schedule for in-person attendance. Corporations have brainstormed on ways to bring employees and teams together, whether it be a company fun run or a socially distanced welcome back picnic. Charities, nonprofits, civic groups and churches are all interested in upholding community traditions, holding fundraisers or community support event such as charity walks, food drives, beach clean ups, charity golf tournaments and more. Museums, community centers, sports leagues and schools are also all navigating the world of restoring in person activities and events.

As we move into the holiday months, there are also plenty of occasions to share and celebrate, with new precautions in place. Whether it be enjoying a spooky and fun Halloween, marking the change of the seasons with a harvest festival, sharing gratitude and sharing time with friends and family on Thanksgiving, or finally, the glory of the winter holidays such as Hanukkah, Christmas, Winter Solstice and Kwanzaa, the world is rich with opportunities to appreciate our communities and celebrate together. No doubt the entire world is looking forward to the annual New Year’s Celebration ushering out 2020 and starting new with 2021!

Not to mention, the world is still moving forward with birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, family reunions, going away parties, retirement celebrations, memorial services, celebrations of life and more. While the pandemic has changed our immediate reference to how events and in person gatherings are held, we have also gained knowledge and experience in how best to provide safeguards and additional security measures to protect the health and wellbeing of attendees in new ways.

One crucial element of a live event would be temperature and wellness screenings of your guests, vendors and staff. This could include requesting all attendees to do a self-screening, checking for signs of illness. In addition, taking guest temperatures on-site is another safeguard and asking them specific questions regarding any potential signs of the coronavirus symptoms that they may have. However, as a party or event host, the last thing you probably want to handle is this additional task. Not to worry, it is easy as hiring Assisting Hands to administer an on-site wellness & temperature check.

Assisting Hands® Screening is a new service provided by trained and experienced caregivers, who are trained in wellness screening, infection control and proper PPE protocol. Following the current and up to date CDC guidelines for safety provides a neutral, third-party service to ensure your guests, vendors, employees and/or volunteers are properly evaluated and screened.

The process is quick and simple, not only providing peace of mind to your guests, but being a proactive part of the efforts to keep your guests and their families safe. Upon arrival, a caregiver will privately screen each guest, by asking them a brief series of confidential questions to assess any exposure or risk level. They then use a non-contact thermometer to conduct a temperature scan to measure the individual’s temperature in real time. Upon verifying the guest is not exhibiting symptoms or has any risk factors, they are free to enter and participate.

Not only will this provide your own peace of mind or for that of any vendors, volunteers or staff working your event, your guests will greatly appreciate this extra level of precaution. You can also include in your invitation, announcement or event listing that on-site health screenings and temperature checks will be conducted, which will increase the likelihood of attendance and support.

At Assisting Hands, we know just how important in-person communication and interaction is. As events and gatherings are reinstated, the social and emotional benefits of these special occasions cannot be denied. By following expanded safety protocols, there are ways to hold responsible and safe gatherings. Our skilled and trained caregivers are ready to become an integral part of your event’s safety measures. Call your local Assisting Hands® Home Care office today to learn more or visit to find a location near you.


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