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Are you planning a special event and are concerned about the safety of your guests?

American celebrations, parties and events have been postponed since March, 2020 due to the COVID-19 stay at home orders. However, many states are now beginning to reopen, and people are starting to socialize again.


Due to the pandemic risks you should consider having the temperatures taken of your event or party guests. It’s as easy as hiring our services to have one of our caregivers on-site at your venue to take temperatures upon your guests arrival.


You can even put it on your invitation that temperatures will be taken which will help your ensure that your guests feel safer which means they will more likely attend.


You can feel confident in knowing that our caregivers are trained and experienced in proper PPE protocol and infection control. We also follow the CDC guidelines for safety.


Upon arrival to your event, each guest will be asked a series of questions to determine that they are symptomatic and they will have their temperature taken.


  • We use non-contact thermometers for temperature scans
  • We screen for potential COVID-19 symptoms
  • We ask questions to assess exposure and risk level

It is important to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and protect your guests as well as their families.


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other trusted health organizations are recommending that guests attending your party or event have their temperatures checked to ensure safety at your gathering.


We want to help you enjoy your special day or event so call today and schedule your own caregiver as you begin to plan your gathering.

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