“Carol has been a life saver for me. I was scared to death of the thought of having to leave my house to move to a nursing home. This is the home I raised my children in and it is my life. I hated to be reminded by my children that I wasn’t what I once was and that my age was making it difficult to keep up with living here. After hearing of you through Pastor Dave and meeting you, I have Carol to help me and I love her as if she were a member of my family. My friends and family compliment me on how happy I look and I tell everyone about Assisting Hands.”


“My brother Bill and I were getting out the new calendar and thought of you and your girls at Assisting Hands. It was so thoughtful of you to pick that up for my brother and remember how much he loves cats! You have taken outstanding care of Dad and Bill and I just think the world of you all. Thank you for everything.”

“We can’t thank you enough for the warm and caring support you have given our family. Your continual, yet unobtrusive calls helped to make us all feel connected and supported. It was helpful for someone to (call me) because it was difficult to reach out. Thank you also for bringing Mark into our lives, as he is a remarkable man. He treated Larry with compassion and respect…more than anyone could hope for. His diligence, humor and respect helped Larry through the transition. I speak for Larry, my sister, my husband and myself when I sincerely thank you and your organization for making a difficult situation more tolerable.”


“Your staff were dependable, trustworthy, and kind hearted…I am an only child and was able to sleep and not worry… Thank you so much for everything you have done!”


“When I call Assisting Hands and ask for a caregiver to be there tomorrow at noon, I know there will be a caregiver there tomorrow at noon.”


“When it comes to dependability and responsiveness, I call Assisting Hands.”


“I love that I can call Assisting Hands at any time of the day or night; I know they will be available.”


“Assisting Hands caregivers are trained and professional. They make a difference because they have the right personality and the right training.”


“Thanks for checking in on my Dad. He ran into some trouble a few months ago. He has finally agreed that the time has come to move closer to family. I can’t thank you enough for the help that you provided him with his doctor’s appointments! You should be very proud of what you are doing for our Mothers and Fathers! Thanks to you and your team at Assisting Hands!”


“I just wanted to express my gratitude to your organization. Your caregivers did an excellent job with my mother – She could be very “feisty” and sometimes abrupt but they handled her like pros and were never fazed by anything. I was fortunate enough to witness some of their care on a couple of days when I visited and just wanted to make sure you were aware of their efforts.”


“My Assisting Hands caregiver is a warm, caring person with a sense of humor. She is a self starter, efficient and industrious.”


“I was very happy with the service provided by our caregiver. She was very helpful to me and my twin girls that are only 6 weeks old. She was very comfortable handling my young babies and assisted with feedings and diaper changes.”

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