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"Jean is here when she says she will be here. She comes every day and she takes good care of me. She does anything I ask. Plus she is a good cook. She makes Jamaican chicken, jerk chicken for me! I'm a Marine so I'm tough to please."

Gail, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.)

"One thing that I like is how they communicate well with me. They have done great at offering great caregivers that work hard. The caregivers are hardworking and super kind."

Elaine Harder

who has care for her father

"Dieuna won the hearts of both my father and stepmother. After my stepmother passed, my father welcomed her familiar presence in his life. Our family knew we could depend on her and she always had my father’s best interest at heart. She would quietly tell me of any concerns she had as his health declined."

Joanne Fiori

and the family of Charles Reicherter

"(Having a caregiver) relieves the burden on myself and my siblings. It has improved my father’s situation by providing companionship and helping with the things he can no longer do. (Assisting Hands) found a caregiver that really fit our situation. Zakiyyah is dependable and reliable. She is an excellent performer. She is good with him, anticipates his needs and plans activities for him. "

Dan Pisacreta, Jr.

and the family of Dan Pisacreta

"I trust my mom’s caregiver completely and it has given me some freedom. The caregiver we have now is excellent. She is just amazing with my mother and treats her as her own."

Rhonda F.

daughter who has a caregiver for her mom Sarah during the day

"My father gets along with his aide, it has been a good match. She is almost too good at her job. She is reliable and dependable. I live in Ocean County and there is a high demand, it is hard to come by actual aides. It is tremendous in having someone here to help, it makes a difference. They have been pleasant, the last agency was a little nasty."

Ocean County Client

daughter who has a caregiver for her father

"Our caregiver Regina has integrated into our family and has been with us for three years. [Assisting Hands] have been caring and they find good people."

Phillip Foerster

Who has a live-in caregiver for his wife

"They provide us with great care and they are on top of things. They call and see how we are doing. I am getting a wonderful caregiver at this time and she does all we expect her to do. She is very understanding, is very helpful and handles my husband according to his needs."

Michelle K

Who has a caregiver for her husband

"I love [Marianne], and they have been very responsive in the office when I needed to call. They get along well and she will listen to him and she encourages him to be more active. If there is any disruption in the schedule, they have been very careful and transparent in any change to that."

Marjorie R.

Who has a caregiver for her brother

"They help my dad out with what needs to be done with somebody who cares about the client and is patient kind."

Carol M.

has a caregiver for her father


"The [office staff always] explains the case to me to let me know what I am going into. They don’t send me to a case that I am not aware of."



"Everything was beneficial about [training]. I always learn something. They say thank you all the time when they talk to me. They recognize me. I like my clients and I like that they call every day about the virus and see if my clients are okay."



"The training is good, we receive training every month and I learn a lot. The most recent one was about dementia. [Communication with the office] is perfect, it is good. They make you understand what they are talking about and they talk to you."



"I like the in-service training because they reach out to me to make sure I am knowledgeable. The [office staff] are grateful. They have packages and make sure I have my stuff to work with like gloves and hand sanitizer. They reach out to me and say the office is always open to me. I have good communication with the staff. I get a note whether it’s verbal or on the phone and I am welcome to go to the office. They send me texts and I always get reminders. They remind me the day before I work."



"They are very understanding, they work with me, and they are very flexible with my work schedule such as what I can and can’t do. They always tell me every day that they appreciate me."



"I would rate Assisting Hands higher if I could because they treat me as a friend, they are very nice. The office staff is like my sisters and my brothers, anytime I have a problem I just call them and they help me."



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