Assisting the Greatest Generation to be Safe at Home

Napolitano & Care Giver
Paul Napolitano and his caregiver Paulette.

Paul Napolitano has lived a very full active life, happily married to his wife of 66 years, serving his country and working with children throughout his career. That came to a halt when the beloved 97-year-old great-grandfather to five, educator and World War II veteran was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and dementia. Caring for him became a challenge for his family.

His wife Mary cared for him, but became physically unable as his needs increased with the progression of the diseases. Through the VA, the family was introduced to Assisting Hands Home Care four years ago.

Napolitano WWII
Paul Napolitano served in the Navy during World War II where he was deployed to the South Pacific.

“Dad served in the Navy in the South Pacific during World War II where he piloted a landing craft, ferrying troops to various beaches from his ship, the USS Beckham,” says Debra Napolitano, his middle daughter. “He was still in the South Pacific when the war ended and he left the service to pursue his education.”

Paul focused on learning and earned his degree at Spring Hill College, a small Jesuit college in Mobile, Ala., where he then taught for 11 years. While teaching at Spring Hill, he spent summers earning a Master’s Degree in psychology from Temple University in Philadelphia and then headed up the guidance department at Lenape High School for more than 30 years before he retired. 

“On top of that, many remember him as the tennis pro at the Trenton Country Club for more than 20 years, where he even played Bobby Riggs,” says his daughter.

After the Parkinson’s diagnosis, the couples’ lifestyle began to change with Paul requiring more care to meet his daily needs. As the disease progressed it left him unable to dress or bathe himself. It was at this point that Mary found that she was no longer be able to care for her husband.

Wanting to keep Paul and Mary in the home they shared for more than 46 years, the family began to explore their options.

See the full Napolitano Case Study to learn more about Paul and how home care has helped him and his family.


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