Assisting Hands Way of Home Care

How We Make it Happen…

An Approach. A Culture. A Feeling.

Assisting Hands® Home Care – A Holistic Approach to Caring

We Prepare.

  • Onsite meeting with family
  • Personal Care Plan developed
  • Client profile matched with Caregiver skillset
  • Caregiver professionalism and preparedness

We Greet You.


  • Welcoming, face-to-face hello and personal greeting
  • Positive attitude
  • Set tone of genuine connection
  • Shift transition – update and review Care Plan details

We Plan.


  • Establish day structure with client feedback
  • Ask the right questions to get to relevant issues
  • Add flexibility to schedule for client as needed
  • Listen/adapt according to spoken/unspoken behavior

We Get It Done.


  • Assess hygiene, grooming, wardrobe
  • Celebrate the art and dignity of giving choices
  • We care about client comfort and make sure their needs are Are you hungry? Ready for activity?
  • Credentialed in bathing, personal care

We Monitor Health.


  • Reminders to take medications
  • Family has peace of mind knowing medication is monitored and coordinated

We Monitor Nutrition.


  • Meal logs for monitoring eating patterns
  • Log erratic eating, what works and what doesn’t
  • Offer balanced nutritional meal options
  • Proper table settings to keep mealtime special

We Help With Chores.


  • Chores completed after personal care is met
  • Bed linens, laundry, bathroom, trash
  • Create safe, clean environment without compromising care
  • Make sure familiar items are kept in close proximity

We Care.


  • Companionship based on spending time together
  • Bond of knowing your client and what they like
  • Time for chatting and reminiscing
  • Assist with repetitive tasks

We Help With Bedtime.


  • Kind, gentle transition to bedtime
  • Ask/give choices: Blue robe or grey?
  • Checklist for comfort: water by bed, phone, call buttons within reach, night lights

We Provide Continuity of Care.


  • Asking “Is there anything else you need?”
  • Care Plan and shift updates documented
  • Familiar faces and routines are helpful and calming
  • Say “goodbye” with a smile

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